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There's a lack of CONFIDENCE to protect yourself and your family...

I get it... I had this same feeling when I was confronted by 4 dudes in hoodies.

That's why I set out to learn something that was PRACTICAL so I was able to DO SOMETHING if we were attacked.

After 13 years of perfecting this self-defense fighting system, we have the tools and methodologies that will allow you to learn FASTER than any other program... giving you the confidence you will need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Not knowing what to do if threatened or attacked...

There's a lot of options... and unfortunately a lot of BAD options.

Most krav maga or martial art schools out there want you to train for years before you are "ready". But that's bull shit... you may not have years.

You need to know what to do NOW.

So, we have come up with simple to remember frameworks that will help you survive the most hostile situations.

Too much information and overwhelm out there...

Yup... This is why we are doing these workshops in only 2-days.

That's all you need to "get it" and "apply it".

Will you be perfect? no.

Will you know how to survive? yes.

Less is more in self-defense.

Instead of learning 500 techniques so you can pass a test, we'll train you 3-4 that will WORK.

Because at the end of the day the real test is whether you survive or not. (not earning a belt)

Upcoming schedule:

(subject to change)

(*must have prior training at this level)

8/7 - KRAV 101 (BASICS)

(Comming soon) - KRAV 102 (INTERMEDIATE)*

(Comming soon) GUN DEFENSE

(Comming soon) KNIFE DEFENSE

(Comming soon) GRADUATE WEEKEND*

(Comming soon) HOSTAGE

(Comming soon) Krav Warrior


Single Workshops are $750.

Platinum Membership is $1,000 and includes 2 workshops of your choice, a t-shirt, and 30% off future workshops.

As the workshops get more popular the price will increase so lock in your introductory rate NOW.


The 101 basic workshops will be the best place to start for anyone looking to learn the basics of self-defense.

Such as; stance, punches, kicks, knees, elbows, punch defenses, kick defenses, choke defenses, and more.

*No experience is required.

*No gear is required.


The Gun Defense Workshop is one of the staple workshops to attend.

Learning everything you need to know on how to defend a gun properly and survive the situation.

This will be a dynamic training coving a wide range of gun threats and solutions.

*No experience is required.

*No gear is required.


If you have trained the basics of Krav Maga before (especially at Krav Maga XD) then you're ready for the intermediate workshop.

Now learning how to defend attackers at multiple angles, new strikes, and an intro to ground fighting.

*Must have prior experience or have taken Krav 101

*Gloves, focus mitts, groin protection required


Edged weapons are the scariest kind of weapon to defend... not only are they dangerous but the mindset of the attacker is even scarier.

This training will include the mindset of defending a knife, how to defend against knife attacks and threats, and how to properly disarm a knife.

*No experience is required.

*No gear is required.


You've been training Krav Maga for a while now.

Ready to learn a whole new curriculum and put it to the test.

The Graduate Weekend is dedicated to long-time Krav Maga trainees who are expanding their skillset and testing up.

*Must have prior experience and approval to train at this level. After you register we will confirm you are approved. If not, you will get an immediate refund or credit.

*Gloves, focus mitts, groin protection required


We all fear that situation when we are taken hostage... at a bank... at work... in a grocery store... who knows. But what do you do?

In this workshop, we will dive deep into hostage situations and how to break free from them.

This also includes being a hostage in your car.

*No experience is required.

*No gear is required.



Don't Take Our Word For It...

Here are some AMAZING Krav Badasses



I have been training and teaching self-defense for more than 12 years.

Trained and tested in Israel under the MAIN guy Eyal Yanilov with Krav Maga Global.

After that, I was able to travel the world and teach Krav Maga Instructor Certification Courses to certify new KM Instructors.

During my experience training thousands of people (civilians, law enforcement, SWAT, Air Marshals, Special Forces, celebrities, VIPs, and more...) I have figured out ways to teach and train this style of fighting that is unique to anyone else.

A way to simplify it down, even more, to make it easier and faster to learn.

This stuff doesn't have to be complicated...

Too many "McDojo's," say they teach "Krav Maga" when in fact they don't.

They try and wrap it up in belts and say you should be a member there for 5 years before you actually know what you're doing.

That system was built to extract money from members NOT to support students.

Can you train on an ongoing basis? Of course.

In fact, I encourage it.

But you don't NEED to.

If we take away the testing and massive curriculum and distill it all down to simple principles you will have what it takes to defend your life.

In other words... take away the bull shit and just focus on what's important.

Now you have a system that you can learn in just a couple of days.

In this immersive environment, you will learn faster and more efficiently than you have experienced before.

Plus, you will get workbooks and a video recap of the event so you can review what you've learned.

Again... Taking away all the B.S. and making it as easy as possible is what we're good at.

So come on in and experience this never-before-done Krav Maga Immersions.

Worst case, you don't enjoy it and you get a refund.

Best case... you will have a new skill set for the rest of your life that may one day SAVE YOUR LIFE.

See you at the training.




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