Okay, Joey:

✔ Watched your video.

✔ That’s what I need...

✔ I wanna be CAPABLE to defend myself and family.

✔ Learn how to punch properly.

✔ Learn how to "take someone out" the quickest way possible.

✔ I'm ready to be like John Wick and Liam Neeson ;)

✔ Def wanna lose some "covid-19" weight and get physical again.

✔ Join a fun community.

✔ Get access to the online video lessons!

Now, how the heck do I get started?

I'm ready to rock!

Well, then:

"Right from the beginning... I LOVED IT"

"Best workout and learning an invaluable skill"

"As good as you're going to find anywhere in the world"

"It changed my life"

I Bet You’re Wondering...

"What's the difference between all of the other 'Krav Maga' Schools?"

Yep, I hear this all of the time.

But here's the inside scoop...

And there's a reason why nearly every person who tries all of the local Krav Maga schools around come back to us. (Update: some of them have closed down permanently once we moved in the neighborhood)

Here's my analogy...

You can get a steak at Coco's... or you can go to Mastros.

Krav Maga XD = Mastros

(also we have a lot of parties there...)

We are the highest quality Krav Maga school, period.

Imi invented Krav Maga. (he passed away...)

Eyal (his top student) engineered and pioneered the curriculum and continued education.

Joey (me!) learned directly from Eyal.

I used to teach instructor certification courses for Krav Maga Global all around the world and was a part of their National Team.

I would travel and visit different Krav Maga school and meet tons of instructors.

And what I saw, in regards, to quality of instruction BLEW MY MIND.

It was horrible.

There's so many organizations (like commando Krav Maga, Krav Maga alliance, Krav Maga World Wide) whom you can just pay money and do a 2-day course with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE and become a certified instructor. (I actually know these people, this is a real thing and it's SICK)

So what's the difference?

Well, to be an instructor at Krav Maga XD you need 2 years minimum of training full time. (and most of them train for 3-4 years before applying)

Plus, a rigorous and expensive Instructor Development Program for a year of prep training.

THEN, when invited they have to go through an INTENSE Certification Course. (I mean intense - fighting multiple opponents, being water boarded, and undergoing 9 hour days)

We take teaching Krav Maga seriously.

Yet, we have a BLAST while doing it.

Plus, we have a "no ass-hole policy".

Anyone that is simply being a jerk isn't allowed in.


(We have kicked multiple people out of our program)

We are here to learn the best self defense.

Be in an environment of "normal" people who want to have fun, exercise, and learn the best self defense around.

So, we are offering a FREE class.

We used to NEVER do this.

But I want you to experience it for yourself...

Are you in?

Too Long, Didn't Read Version:

Krav Maga is the BEST way to learn practical and effective self-defense.

And Krav Maga XD is simply the best at it.

So good that we offer a FREE trail class so you can check it out!